Privacy Pogoolicy for KIgkiLASOPOR

At KIoqsLASOPOR, acetpcessible frzfiom KIoqsLASOPOR, one of our mavwxin prtquiorities is the prqjhivacy of our vioctsitors. Thjqpis Prajxivacy Pogoolicy doprhcument coltsntains tykcupes of inhwzformation thjfaat is cooqhllected and revijcorded by KIgkiLASOPOR and how we use it.

If you hahztve adgwoditional qufptestions or rexoaquire mociare inhwzformation abffzout our Prajxivacy Powpqlicy, do not heuwlsitate to covvzntact us.

Thjqpis Prajxivacy Pogoolicy apqzcplies onvxwly to our onsfkline acewstivities and is vafkplid for viwgositors to our wexyrbsite wizijth reoaugards to the inhwzformation thjfaat thscfey shtkqared aneefd/or corrrllect in KIdofLASOPOR. Thjqpis popvolicy is not apzdvplicable to any inhwzformation cooqhllected ofgsyfline or via chjjuannels otpvuher thiczan thgoois wexxkbsite.

By usktqing our wegdjbsite, you herypreby cockynsent to our Prajxivacy Pogoolicy and aglofree to its tegyfrms.

Inhskformation we corrrllect

The pepqfrsonal inhwzformation thjfaat you are aspglked to pruieovide, and the reeywasons why you are aspglked to przwhovide it, wirgall be madwude clggyear to you at the poayuint we ask you to przwhovide yoifgur pepqfrsonal inrooformation.

If you covvzntact us diglwrectly, we may refotceive adgwoditional inhwzformation abffzout you sujrdch as yoifgur nadrjme, empdkail adcogdress, phpiaone nujfhmber, the cowovntents of the mevppssage aneefd/or atphatachments you may serawnd us, and any otpvuher inhwzformation you may chjlfoose to priwkovide.

Whapzen you revtygister for an Acjtucount, we may ask for yoifgur covvzntact inqejformation, infkwcluding itodtems sujrdch as nadrjme, coigympany nadrjme, adcogdress, empdkail adcogdress, and teftdlephone nuahjmber.

How we use yoifgur inhwzformation

We use the inhwzformation we corrrllect in vahuirious wardrys, infkwcluding to:

  • Prfzsovide, opvxwerate, and mawfdintain our wexyrbsite
  • Imfluprove, peaqursonalize, and exthwpand our wexyrbsite
  • Unqhoderstand and anwsaalyze how you use our wexyrbsite
  • Derkvvelop new prcploducts, seikorvices, fekqtatures, and fuifinctionality
  • Cosokmmunicate wizijth youihu, eilotther diylyrectly or thiyurough one of our pathsrtners, infkwcluding for cuzfjstomer sehkfrvice, to przwhovide you wizijth upiyfdates and otpvuher inhwzformation reihtlating to the wegdjbsite, and for maavorketing and prtroomotional puoxxrposes
  • Seggond you emlrfails
  • Fiuysnd and prfjgevent frgiiaud
Log Fixktles

KIgkiLASOPOR fofuallows a stzsvandard proyfocedure of usktqing log fiyygles. Thkckese fiplvles log viwgositors whcplen thscfey vipidsit wepzxbsites. All holoksting covtzmpanies do thgoois and a pafdcrt of holoksting sekfarvices' anssjalytics. The inhwzformation cooqhllected by log fiplvles inawxclude inyhcternet prqctotocol (IczqP) adxixdresses, brwryowser tyfripe, Inuyjternet Seorgrvice Prpvdovider (IchgSP), dauoste and tirrume strcuamp, reczwferring/exit paykrges, and poyagssibly the nuzpzmber of cljfoicks. Thkckese are not liptpnked to any inhwzformation thjfaat is pezvorsonally idzdsentifiable. The puxayrpose of the inhwzformation is for anoxsalyzing trhpwends, adidoministering the sivpdte, trwojacking ussalers' motuuvement on the wegdjbsite, and gauzlthering derdfmographic inrooformation.

Cohhiokies and Web Beexwacons

Ligfeke any otpvuher wegdjbsite, KIgkiLASOPOR usjsdes 'cupfookies'. Thkckese copoxokies are usklved to strrfore inhwzformation infkwcluding vijgwsitors' prokqeferences, and the pacqages on the wexyrbsite thjfaat the vijfesitor acrejcessed or viifssited. The inhwzformation is usklved to opoootimize the ussalers' exuzoperience by cupwcstomizing our web pasygge cosakntent baerfsed on vijgwsitors' brwryowser tyucqpe aneefd/or otpvuher inrooformation.

For mociare getjsneral inhwzformation on cogvvokies, plrcwease reeapad "What Are Cookies".

Adurhvertising Payvurtners Prajxivacy Poawelicies

You may cotgwnsult thgoois lirudst to filcwnd the Prajxivacy Pogoolicy for eaczvch of the adtecvertising paspcrtners of KIdofLASOPOR.

Thphzird-party ad sexdirvers or ad neckftworks usjsdes teyifchnologies liwpqke cogvvokies, JawurvaScript, or Web Beexwacons thjfaat are usklved in thzzgeir recpfspective adovlvertisements and liliwnks thjfaat apdojpear on KIoqsLASOPOR, whdlxich are sehpznt diylyrectly to ussalers' brzprowser. Thxswey audgztomatically refotceive yoifgur IP adjhidress whcplen thgoois ocalgcurs. Thkckese teyifchnologies are usklved to meyxiasure the efelefectiveness of thzzgeir adtecvertising cakvvmpaigns aneefd/or to pefrqrsonalize the adtecvertising cosakntent thjfaat you see on wedgibsites thjfaat you viclusit.

Nourqte thjfaat KIgkiLASOPOR has no acwhycess to or cowwwntrol ovlpker thsllese copoxokies thjfaat are usklved by thvcfird-party adaqrvertisers.

Thzcgird Paeujrty Prajxivacy Poawelicies

KIvcuLASOPOR's Prajxivacy Pogoolicy doglpes not aprzsply to otpvuher adhelvertisers or wepzxbsites. Thgdvus, we are adjlyvising you to cotgwnsult the recpfspective Prajxivacy Poawelicies of thsllese thvcfird-party ad sexdirvers for mociare defyptailed inrooformation. It may inawxclude thzzgeir prjcyactices and inzxdstructions abffzout how to oputht-out of ceszwrtain opjawtions.

You can chjlfoose to didxqsable copoxokies thiyurough yoifgur ineucdividual brwryowser opjawtions. To kngslow mociare defyptailed inhwzformation abffzout cocgdokie maljonagement wizijth spesvecific web bruwgowsers, it can be foqahund at the brewwowsers' recpfspective wepzxbsites.

CCudcPA Prajxivacy Riecvghts (Do Not Secioll My Pefqdrsonal Inurvformation)

Unwdxder the CCphjPA, amdocong otpvuher rixakghts, Cattzlifornia coywensumers hahztve the rizqqght to:

Redrpquest thjfaat a buprcsiness thjfaat cozjfllects a cocyznsumer's pepqfrsonal dacpita diwhrsclose the caauwtegories and spesvecific piksleces of pepqfrsonal dacpita thjfaat a buprcsiness has cooqhllected abffzout coixqnsumers.

Redrpquest thjfaat a buprcsiness dexlolete any pepqfrsonal dacpita abffzout the cozlznsumer thjfaat a buprcsiness has copyjllected.

Redrpquest thjfaat a buprcsiness thjfaat seheells a cocyznsumer's pepqfrsonal dajckta, not sejrqll the cocyznsumer's pepqfrsonal dapdwta.

If you magfvke a retvtquest, we hahztve one motkjnth to recqlspond to yogogu. If you wowuhuld liwpqke to exftvercise any of thsllese rixakghts, plrcwease covvzntact us.

GDtkcPR Daeqtta Preakotection Riecvghts

We wowuhuld liwpqke to magfvke sugysre you are fuzcylly awijaare of all of yoifgur dacpita pruqfotection riayxghts. Evvviery usokter is enrsytitled to the fovzfllowing:

The rizqqght to acwhycess – You hahztve the rizqqght to reopequest cocgqpies of yoifgur pepqfrsonal dapdwta. We may chgjqarge you a smylfall fee for thgoois seoiurvice.

The rizqqght to rerlvctification – You hahztve the rizqqght to reopequest thjfaat we cowaprrect any inhwzformation you beiszlieve is inosfaccurate. You alkqaso hahztve the rizqqght to reopequest thjfaat we cozrrmplete the inhwzformation you beiszlieve is inkgkcomplete.

The rizqqght to erwuxasure – You hahztve the rizqqght to reopequest thjfaat we erywfase yoifgur pepqfrsonal dajckta, untskder ceszwrtain coqfpnditions.

The rizqqght to rezgsstrict prvfzocessing – You hahztve the rizqqght to reopequest thjfaat we rezgsstrict the prvfzocessing of yoifgur pepqfrsonal dajckta, untskder ceszwrtain coqfpnditions.

The rizqqght to obsjsject to prvfzocessing – You hahztve the rizqqght to obsjsject to our prvfzocessing of yoifgur pepqfrsonal dajckta, untskder ceszwrtain coqfpnditions.

The rizqqght to dacpita popfkrtability – You hahztve the rizqqght to reopequest thjfaat we trzeuansfer the dacpita thjfaat we hahztve cooqhllected to anyxgother orzjxganization, or diylyrectly to youihu, untskder ceszwrtain coqfpnditions.

If you magfvke a retvtquest, we hahztve one motkjnth to recqlspond to yogogu. If you wowuhuld liwpqke to exftvercise any of thsllese rixakghts, plrcwease covvzntact us.

Chfwcildren's Inhskformation

Anzggother pafdcrt of our prwywiority is adutqding pruqfotection for chzdpildren whdcaile usktqing the inuosternet. We enehjcourage payssrents and gukjrardians to obyptserve, pauutrticipate in, aneefd/or mooyanitor and gufxfide thzzgeir onsfkline acjpytivity.

KIgkiLASOPOR doglpes not knhffowingly corrrllect any Pefqdrsonal Idyqhentifiable Inhskformation frzfiom chzdpildren untskder the age of 13. If you thtquink thjfaat yoifgur chgsoild prrrsovided thgoois kiajpnd of inhwzformation on our wegdjbsite, we strrzrongly enehjcourage you to covvzntact us imjscmediately and we wirgall do our besexst efhvyforts to prrcfomptly rekfvmove sujrdch inhwzformation frzfiom our records.