1. General

What is izi69 wealth program?

The izi69 wealth program platform is a website that serves as a bridge between membres who have a minimal idea regarding the investment business and our management who have a deep understanding of it.

Is izi69 wealth program a registered organization?

Yes, izi69 is a trademark.

For how many years have you been functional?

In March 2017, IZI69 wealth program platform was opened to public. We were founded on 02/01/2013. Administration was working in the middle of 2016 to prepare to start accepting investments from individuals.

Can you provide confirmation of your investment records and results?

This data is not revealed to the public as it is considered a business secret. Exposing this data could characterize Izi69 wealth program as an investment counselor, which conflicts with our Terms of Service, universal business and trading laws, this incurring a criminal risk against us. We will, be that as it may, share our outcomes in subjective measures. The annual operating results of Blaf Blaf Comm v are deposited in Belgium.

How do I sign up with you?

To sign up with us, you have to register an account by clicking "Personal office" on the top of the website homepage. Then, you only need to simply deposit funds by your favorite payment method into your account at Izi69 wealth program and we will handle the rest.

2. Account Funding

How do I deposit funds into my account?

You have to make use of a payment system account to fund your Izi69 weatlh program. Currently, we accept the following payment systems: OKPay.com, PerfectMoney.is, Advcash.com, Payeer.com, PayPal.com. In the event that you have any questions regarding them, please contact us for further instructions and we will reply within 24 hours at max. during weekdays.

Why use payment systems?

Payment systems are an exceptionally advantageous approach to transfer funds via online platforms because every transaction is instant and the charges are minimal as opposed to bank transfer charges. Additionally, they suit our plan of action exceptionally well because it's very simple to transfer funds to and from our trading accounts.

I would prefer to not create a payment system account, would I be able to deposit via bank wire?

Almost all of the payment systems have direct deposit by bank wire to its balance. We avoid use of direct bank wires to our company because we would need to do additional verifications on every transfer and the bank may hold our funds for any reason, which we cannot allow. By using payment systems we can guarantee fast movement of money to and from our trading accounts. It also allows you to receive money instantly from us once it's sent.

Can I sign up using a credit card?

No, direct payments via credit cards are not allowed on the Izi69 wealth program platform. However, you can fund your payment system account with a credit card and transfer funds to your Izi69 wealth program account.

3. Account

What are the requirements for opening an account?

You simply need to click the "Personal Office" button on top of our homepage and complete a form with your personal details. IZI69 wealth program asks for an ID authentication from its members.

I lost my password. What should I do?

Click the Forgot Password link beneath the Log In box and adhere to the stipulated process. In the event that for any reason this attempt is not successful, please contact our support team and we will reset it for you.

Can I compound my profits?

NO. But you can, however, create an extra account and transfer your profits.

Can I use one payment system to deposit and make withdrawals with another one?

Yes, but you will have to provide relevant information to us to prove that it's managed by the same person/household to avoid loss of funds and to prevent money laundering.

Is my initial investment returned at the expiration of the investment period?

No, your principal sum (100 %) will not be returned.

4. Investing

Who can join the Izi69 wealth program ?

We accept individuals worldwide. However, you ought to be no less than 18 years of age to create an account.

What means of deposit are available?

We accept several payment systems, which include OKPay.com, PayPal.com, Bitcoin, PerfectMoney.is, Payeer.com

What is the least investment sum?

The least investment sum is 0 Euro.

Can I make more than one active deposit?

Yes, but only under different accounts.

5. Withdrawals

At what point would I be able to withdraw my profits?

You can withdraw your profits daily, as long as your account balance is up to the least withdrawal allowed. We process withdrawals twice a week.

What is the lowest withdrawal amount?

The lowest withdrawal amount is 75 euro. Converting your money from wallet to shares can start from 50 euro. Please contact invest888@outlook.be for further support.

How can I initiate a withdrawal?

You have to Log into your Personal Office and click on the Withdrawals link. Then, please select your payment system and the amount to withdraw. Your request will be handled within 14 working days.

6. Affiliate Program

What is Izi69 wealth program affiliate program?

Our affiliate program is an approach to gain additional money by referring new individuals to Izi69 wealth program. We have an up to 10 level deep referral system which implies that you will gain commissions on investments made by people you refer and likewise on deposits made by their referrals.

What amount would I be able to earn from referral commissions?

The earnings depend on the package ordered.

Can I refer myself?

Yes, you can.